Creativity, design and communication

Creativity, design and communication

Hi! I’m Raquel (or Rachel) and I have been developing creative work for over 20 years now. Based in Santiago de Compostela (Galicia, Spain), I provide graphic design and communication solutions for corporate projects, publishing, exhibitions or promotion campaigns.

I am a member of DAG (Asociación Galega de Deseño), I also collaborate with GEN (workgroup of READ that focusses on the gender perspective in design), and form part of the creative collective CaféDturno. In my spare time, I enjoy making collage at Oníricas.

Diverse projects for a world in constant change

As I am still getting started with this site, you can check out on IG some of the projects I developed during my time in EKINOCIO, my shared studio for 17 years. Along my career, I have crossed paths with public and private institutions and firms from many fields and together we have set up interesting initiatives for different audiences.

If you think my professional profile meets your project, contact me and we can exchange ideas.

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